General/Insurance Info & Forms


Please call 484-350-5141 to make your appointment.  Non-urgent messages can be left on answering machine and will be returned within 24 hours.  For medical emergencies, please dial 911.  Urgent phone call should be made to your primary care physician.
New patients – please review all information listed below before making your appointment.  Please print the forms listed number 1 & 2 belowfill out the requested information, and bring the forms to your first appointment.  You should review the information in #3, but do not need to print it.  If you are coming in for acupuncture, you will need to complete form #4 as well.



1.  Consents Click here
2.  Patient information & medical history Click here

3.  Privacy Policies/Practices Click here

4.  Acupuncture Questionaire Click here


If you are unable to complete the forms before your appointment time,  please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow for traffic conditions and time to complete your registration forms, so your treatment can start on time. 

Office policy


As a courtesy to our patients, we attempt to confirm appointments at least the day before. However, it is your responsibility to keep the appointment even if we have not been able to confirm your appointment. Please allow at least 40-60 minutes for new patient visits and 30-45 minutes for follow-up appointments. Although we strive to keep our patients waiting time to a minimal, we may occasionally need to spend additional time with a patient to complete his/her treatment. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.

Late Arrivals

TransValley Family Health makes every effort to keep to its appointment schedule. If you are late for your appointment, it may affect your treatment time or we may have to reschedule your appointment.
If you cannot keep your appointment, kindly notify us as soon as possible, so another patient needing medical attention can be seen. We require at least 24 hour notice (or before 8 am on Friday for Monday appointment). Failure to cancel or reschedule within this time frame may result in a $50 no-show fee.  However, the fee is waived if the appointment is filled by another patient. Please call as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment time.  We appreciate your effort. 
Please turn your cell phone or electronic devices on vibrate before entering the treatment room. 
Primary care physician
Please be advised that although Dr. Nguyen is also a board certified family physician, visits through this office will be limited to management of a specific medical problems through the use of osteopathic manipulation or medical acupuncture. All patients should have their regular primary care physicians for their overall general medical management.
In order to provide excellent care free of potential influence from third party payers (i.e. health insurance companies), TransValley Family Health, PLLC does not participate with insurance companies.  This helps us lower operating expenses (eliminating need to hire coding and billing staffs) and keep reasonable costs to patients.  Therefore, our services will be considered to be “out-of-network” for all insurance. A medical bill will be provided to you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement (Medicare patients – see below).  
For Medicare insurance (primary),TransValley Family Health, PLLC will submit your claim on your behalf.  Currently as of June 2019, Medicare reimburses most of the cost for osteopathic treatment (but not for acupuncture), and your supplemental insurance usually reimburses the percentage not covered by medicare.
TransValley Family Health, PLLC is not responsible for how much (if any) will be reimbursed to you by your insurance(s).  Please check with your insurance coverage before receiving services.  
Please note that there will be a $35 fee for returned checks/insufficient funds or deliquent credit card transaction.
Insurance coverage
Not all insurance plans cover OMT and acupuncture.  Please call your medical insurance company prior to making your appointment and check if your policy covers “out-of-network” services given by Dr. Nguyen.  Your medical bill usually has an E&M and diagnostic codes.  A “modifier-25” is included if a procedure is deemed appropriate & given during the visit, along with the procedure code.  When you contact your insurance, please give the codes in the following number 1 to 3:
1.  Evaluation & management (E&M) code – based on the evaluation and treatment plan from your office visit, with different levels of complexity (indicated by the last digit).  The is a doctor office visit fee, and it is often covered by insurance under out-of-network policy.  For example:
A.  For new visit:  99202, 99203, 99204, or 99205
B.  For an established visit: 99212, 99213, 99214, or 99215
2.  Modifier-25 (an insurance term that allows a procedure to be paid on the same day of your visit)
3. Procedure code(s) – acupuncture and/or OMT code(s).  OMT is often covered, but acupuncture is often not covered by most insurance.  
There are 5 OMT procedure codes, which code will be used after a treatment will depend on the number of body regions that are treated.  Generally, if your insurance covers one of them, it covers the others as well.
  • 98925 (OMT 1-2 body regions)
  • 98926 (OMT 3-4 body regions)
  • 98927 (OMT 5-6 body regions)
  • 98028 (OMT 7-8 body regions)
  • 98929 (OMT 9-10 body regions)


There are 4 acupuncture procedure codes.  Dr. Nguyen often uses electrical stimulation, and the average time spent is about 30 minutes; more or less depending on complexity of the treatment (a typical acupuncture treatment is usually 97813 + 97814).


  • 97813 Acupuncture with electrical stimulation, initial 15 minutes
  • 97814 Acupuncture with electrical stimulation, additional 15 minutes
  • 97810 Acupuncture without electrical stimulation, initial 15 minutes
  • 97811 Acupuncture without electrical stimulation, additional 15 minutes
4. Diagnostic code(s) – for the problem(s) addressed on the visit
Example of a bill for a new OMT visit:  
  • 99204
  • Modifier-25
  • 98929
  • ICD-10 diagnostic codes: M54.4 (low back pain), M99.03 (somatic dysfunction of lumbar spine), etc.
Example of a bill for a new acupuncture visit:  
  • 99204
  • Modifier-25
  • 97813 + 97814
  • ICD-10 diagnostic codes: M54.4 (low back pain)
If you have any questions, please call the office.